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The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey by Faust Ruggiero is an insightful and profound book. It will motivate readers to make a healthy transformation in their lives by taking an inner journey and understanding how to use happiness and fulfillment there to find peace and love themselves. The book is a good tool to gain a better understanding of how readers think, feel, and behave, and how important it is to be internally balanced. The natural rules which are known as processes, deliberate and natural steps, will guide readers on how to live in tandem with their own natural flow and help them lead a healthy and happy life. The author gives a step-by-step program, 'The Process Way of Life', which is helpful when it comes to transforming life into one that is happy, healthy, purposeful, and contented.

The Fix Yourself Handbook is uplifting and positive and gives hope to many readers who are stuck in patterns where their lives are not productive or happy. Every chapter gives an introduction to the information that is going to be covered and the strategies and techniques presented will end up finally as lifelong support. This book will guide readers on an enlightening and exciting journey that will touch every part of them. It gets them ready to begin a most wonderful journey. I like Faust Ruggiero's approach to a topic that is useful, and the methodical and well-structured discussion makes it easy for readers to comprehend and incorporate the suggestions into their daily lives. It is a good book to read to enhance personal growth and development in a positive way and make healthy transformations.

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite - Review Rating: 5 Stars


It is time to grab a copy of this book and get ready to be real with yourself. It has so much to explore and learn in the sections, but you can not just read it and put it down. You will have to put in the mental work to get the best results. I am all about the power of positive thinking and trying to reach my best self every day, so this book is a great resource for strength, guidance and wisdom.

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Official Review: The Fix Yourself Handbook
Post by mmm17 » 15 Feb 2020
The official OnlineBookClub.org review of "The Fix Yourself Handbook" by Faust Ruggiero
4 out of 4 stars

Do you feel that your life is not as happy and productive as you would like it to be? If you do, The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey, written by Faust Ruggiero, might be of help. Using the first person, the author of this non-fiction book presents the Process Way of Life, a program developed during a career of more than forty years of counseling people of all ages and from all walks of life.

The author applies structured processes to help readers address specific problems or concerns. Each chapter opens with a short slogan and then presents a list of methods to employ. After the chapter’s body provides information about the problem, there’s a list of practical action steps to follow. So what are the lessons that Ruggiero draws? They are many and various, from managing anger to connecting to a higher power.

There were several things I liked about this book. For starters, I was impressed by its aesthetically pleasing layout, which I found a noteworthy positive point. The outline and typographic design of the pages were stylish. More importantly, the chapters are very well-structured; they follow a pattern that makes a wealth of information easy to understand and navigate. I also appreciated the author’s use of language. I enjoyed his direct, concise, and good-humored mode of expression.

What I most liked about the book was that Ruggiero doesn’t waste time discussing abstract ideas or philosophies. He focuses on simple and practical steps to take, which I find empowering. The author consolidated a lot his extensive experience in this book. I felt that this is an actual handbook that readers can use as a reference, going back to it when facing challenges in life. Ruggiero’s empathetic approach provides powerful insights. The author’s concept of “proactive global gratitude,” for instance, is inspiring and original. This type of gratitude is not an expression of appreciation for something one has experienced; it is an effort to be grateful for all the moments of our life. He wisely states, “Humility, gratitude, wisdom, and being in service—these pave the way for the connection to a power much greater than ourselves.”

In closing, I finished reading this book with a smile on my face. With no noteworthy negatives, it has the right mix of wisdom and matter-of-factness, and the author comes across as an experienced and well-meaning person. Although this version does contain minor grammatical errors, most of them are related to comma usage and do not detract from the reading experience at all. If you enjoy self-help titles, you should take a look at The Fix Yourself Handbook. I give it 4 out of 4 stars.

Review of THE FIX YOURSELF HANDBOOK By Faust Ruggiero
February 19, 2020
A new year (and a new decade) has just begun, and many are looking for ways to improve themselves. While most people do not need a complete overhaul, many could use some help improving their emotional health and achieving balance in their daily lives. Maybe one’s goal is as simple as finding a little more joy in the everyday. Or perhaps they involve setting boundaries, slowing down, or letting go of negative emotions, such as fear. THE FIX YOURSELF HANDBOOK tackles all of these and more. It is exactly the guidebook to help readers become who they always wanted to be.

Author Faust Ruggiero, a therapist with over forty years of professional experience, lays the groundwork for readers to not only understand themselves, but to also love themselves. With his compassionate approach and straightforward message, Ruggiero both informs and coaches. The result is a self-help book that is practical and accessible. According to Ruggiero, the goal his book is “internal balance”. To achieve this, he outlines a clear plan of action that covers nearly every aspect of daily modern life. Ruggiero invites readers to tackle problems that run the gamut from embracing change and letting go of anger to resolving conflicts peacefully.

Readers will benefit from the Present/Understand/Fix formula employed in every chapter which makes THE FIX YOURSELF HANDBOOK easy to navigate. Each new chapter begins with a presentation of the problem which is then discussed at length so that the reader may fully understand it. Anecdotal examples often demonstrate the problems in action, illustrating the compounded effects of allowing them to go unchecked. Each chapter ends with a series of clear steps the reader may follow in order to fix the problem and make the changes necessary for a better life. While a few measures could use more explanation, these action steps are generally clear, focused, and straightforward, resulting in change that is easy for the reader to achieve.

For readers struggling with negative emotions like envy, anger, or fear–or for those who just want to experience more joy in life–THE FIX YOURSELF HANDBOOK presents a clear direction for an improved and enhanced life.

~Jennifer Noll for IndieReader

The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life Into a Happy, Healthy Journey by Faust Ruggiero
SILVER WINNER, Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards

"The Fix Yourself Handbook offers an interesting range of approaches to becoming more objective and less emotional about life experiences in order to stay centered and peaceful. Several chapters present fresh insights into challenging emotions -- especially envy, anger, forgiveness, and fear. There are some good examples of becoming more objective when faced with difficult situations. The formulas suggested can clearly be helpful for people who are working with counselors in therapy or recovery programs and also hopefully for readers seeking guidance to create more self-discipline."
--Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program (click here for the full review)

Nonfiction Authors Association

"The Fix Yourself Handbook is an action-filled plan for decreasing negativity, increasing joy, and embracing yourself."

The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey by Faust Ruggeriero, M.S.
FYHB Publishing

book review by Barbara Bamberger Scott

"Understanding and learning to live according to the Process Way of Life will eventually lead to the ultimate goal of the program: internal balance."
Professional counselor Ruggiero has devised a unique psychological method by which anyone might find a better direction for coping with life’s challenges. In short intensive lessons, the reader can gradually absorb and utilize Ruggiero’s Process Way of Life, beginning with “Fact-Finding” and employing “Brutal Honesty” to courageously acknowledge our issues. We must control emotion and impulse; important decisions need to be founded in accuracy. A key component of Ruggiero’s method involves “Slowing Down Life’s Pace,” something that may seem difficult in our fast-paced era. We must be aware that routine can be negative, shielding us from admitting the need for change. Ruggiero offers simple steps to break free of old patterns. Fear must be overcome, so we can help and be helped by others. Once our goals are achieved, we must practice “Good Housekeeping,” always vigilant to deal with invasive “visitors” from the past.

Ruggiero has counseled both law-breakers and lawmakers, from alcohol abusers to first responders. His book is the result of years of diligent planning, which is apparent in the book’s orderly arrangement. Each useful chapter starts with “Processes to Employ” for the particular dilemma discussed, includes a realistic case study, a list of tasks titled “Time to Take Action,” a further encouragement called “Driving It Home” that highlights the reader’s “Personal Declaration,” and a final vision statement, “Onward,” leading into the next phase of the process. Ruggiero recommends that those engaged in the Process Way of Life may wish to read his book twice for a deeper grasp of the many important aspects covered. This manual is thorough; nearly every conceivable vicissitude of living is in some way addressed through Ruggiero’s process. Its content is tailor-made for workshop participants as well as individual problem solvers, all of whom will find some, if not all, of their needs addressed in it.

The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey

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