The Fix Yourself Handbook's The Process Life Approach

Introduction - The Master Plan

We all have desperately searched for the way to understand ourselves, alleviate negativity, and learn to like and eventually love who we are. The goal of The Fix Yourself Handbook is to help you gain a better understanding of how you think, feel, and behave. You can fix any problem you have when you understand that you already have everything you need to live a healthy and happy life. The human being is product of nature. As such, we are governed by natural rules. These are called processes; deliberate and natural actions or steps that must be performed so we may live in tune with our own natural flow. Understanding the processes and learning how to incorporate them in your life will help you understand yourself better, and help you live a more happy and productive life.

We human beings actively deprive ourselves of the happiness and self-confidence we crave. We tend to ignore those special parts of ourselves which live inside us, and can be used to help us become happy and fulfilled. As a result, we have forgotten how to take care of ourselves. That's why so many of us are searching for an operational method, one that we can understand and implement to address the areas in our lives which are concerning us.

The Process Way of Life
The Process Way of Life taught in the Fix Yourself Handbook is a step-by-step program that will transform your life from one that is angry, confused, and unfulfilled into a one that is happy, purposeful, and content. Who we all are is the product of the interplay between our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual attributes. We all have them. Understanding and learning to live life according to the Process Way of Life, will eventually lead to the ultimate goal of the program: internal balance. We achieve internal balance when these four attributes operate together, providing us with an energy source that will change our lives.

The Fix Yourself Handbook is presented in thirty-six distinct chapters, each targeting a specific human issue. The causes our problems, and how they exert their influence over us is explained in detail, and the precise steps to help you correct the problem close each chapter. The Fix Yourself Handbook has been designed to be applied to your own life circumstances, as they exist in your life. The Process Way of life is the product of over twenty years of practical counseling application. With an expertise on both research and counseling, I have developed the program, researched it extensively, and have used it with my clients for over two decades. As you will see, the problems presented here are experienced by all of us. You are not as different as you think you are, and there is a logical way out of your distress.

The book will provide you with the information to change your life initially, and will always be available to as a reference guide, whenever you need to refer to a specific chapter to refresh yourself. The anger, pain, and sadness that has ruled your life are not who you are. You simply didn't understand how to access the processes is inside you, and employ them to help you fix your world. If you are willing to give the Process Way of Life time to grow, it will not only be a program that will change your life, it will become a viable part of everything you choose to do.

We are all greater than the problems we think define our lives. The goal of the book is not only to help you understand that you are greater than your problems, but that you are, in fact, great. So, get ready to become the master of your own destiny. Prepare yourself for the most exciting journey of your life.

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