Quotes From The Fix Yourself Handbook

"You can be limitless, but the world likes to tell you otherwise. Trust the spirit inside you."

"Keep your life in a constant state of balance; physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual. Nurture them equally, and never feed one too much, or too often . Learn the peace that comes from the balance."

"Beware of using anger as a tool in your life. You may get what you want, but the cost to your spirit is a high one."

"Every day holds in it opportunities to make changes in your life. Let go of yesterday. Embrace today, and change your life."

"The best thing you can do for another human being is to make them feel good about themselves. Do it often."

"Don't look for quick fixes for your problems. Learn the right way to think. Then, you can fix anything that comes your way."

"We can dress ourselves up on the outside, but it's what we are on the inside that really tells the world who we are."

"Suffering and loss are often life's way of stripping away what causes us our pain. This, difficult as it may be, allows us to rebuild without the weight of what has been holding us back."

"People who aren't doing much with their lives like to tell the people who are what is wrong with what they are doing. Envy is an evil trickster. Pay no attention to them. Keep doing."

"We live our lives defending ourselves against any and all perceived attacks when we could just as easily find peace by learning to be comfortable with ourselves."

"The only way to come to understand the power of faith is to be unconditionally faithful."

"Control over one's own destiny is an understanding of the natural and spiritual flow of life, and one's own movement within them."

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